growing together - Evolution Connections

Zach Bush on Science, spirituality, regenerative farming & evolution of Humanity

Listen to the end and make notes! This is game changingly inspiring stuff that everyone needs to see and share earth family!

Im benjy, this is fully syntropic empowerment towards our human evolution with amazing science intertwined with awakened, heart centered beings shattering paradigms of old war mentality, farming…

“about one application of roundup is killing 50% of
earthworms in the soil!”

What a wonderful Human, MD, zach bush!

mindblowing, healthy hope inspiring,

Learn deep science about life, regenerative farming, the fascinating fabric of life…

glyphosate, health,
evolution of farming

Why we are mooving towards regenerative organic farming and can be the evolution of life on earthwoth all our new and ancient practices

farmers footprint project and more

It’s time to stop screwing around. It’s time to get educated. And it’s time to once-and-for-all take control of our personal health and that of the planet we inhabit.

I ask only that you listen keenly. Take notes. And no matter what, stick around to the very end. Zach concludes the podcast with what I can only describe as the most poignant and moving closing monologue in the history of this program – a bold statement I don’t make lightly.

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